I did so many extra curricular things as a kid but I realize now that nothing brought me as much joy as being creative.  I used to love rounding up my neighborhood friends to put on a production in someone's basement with anything we could find in the house to make things feel like the real deal.  Sheets for curtains, flashlights for spot lights - you name it, we used it.  These moments were the beginnings of what would eventually be me as an adult living for every precious opportunity to keep that child imagination alive.


My passion for story telling began at a young age and I continued to love it all the way through college at Missouri Baptist University where I obtained my B.A. in Theatre.  I'm a St. Louis Native but I took my love for story-telling and the gifts to do so across the country when in moved to NYC in 2017, where I spent nearly 4 years working on various projects with the most incredible people!


In the fall of 2018 I was accepted into the Open Jar Institute Residency program with 16 other students where I trained for 8 remarkable weeks with some of Broadway’s best. Since completing the program, I have worked with RWS Entertainment Group on multiple projects as well as been a guest performer in many cabarets in the city.  In 2019, I produced and performed my first solo cabaret “Part of Me” in NYC and debuted it later in the year in St. Louis at The Monocle, a premiere cabaret venue in STL.


I most recently began writing my own music, something I've always wanted to try but haven't committed to doing, and I premiered my first song “Here We Go” at the Open Jar Residency Alumni Cabaret in March of 2020.  I plan to pursue more writing in the near future as well as more work in theatre, tv, and film.  Along with being an award winning actress, I also has experience as a director, choreographer (St. Louis AFL Best Performance Award nomination), lighting designer(St. Louis AFL Best Performance Award nomination), and stage manager.  I'm incredibly grateful for all the opportunities that have given me the skills to be a well-rounded artist both on and off the stage.  I have taught private acting and voice lessons as well as musical theatre masterclasses.


When not on stage or working behind the scenes, you can find me traveling the United States full time with my puppy, Bellamy, taking in all the natural beauty of this country. I also own an online personal training business and take that work with me everywhere I go!

Throughout my life I have been inspired by so many people to chase after my dreams and bring them to life that I desire nothing more than to inspire others to do the same.  Whether that's through art, health and wellness, or just open-hearted conversation - whatever - that is why I am here!  So let's get creative and change the world one story at a time.  

You know what?