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Brittani O'Connell is a
St. Louis-based Performing Artist and NASM Certified Personal Trainer.

Actors, we are athletes. The work we do takes physical, mental, and emotional stamina. It's no secret that our bodies and minds are our instruments, and taking care of them is an important part of sustaining a career in the arts. We're also CONSTANTLY dealing with the pressures of the industry to look a certain way to fit a certain "type." Yes, we love our work, but It's exhausting and a lot of it feels out of our control. 

I created the Hollywood Hero Club to empower other actors to take control of their well-being. I believe in working collaboratively to find a wellness routine that fits with each individual's life and circumstances. No two people are the same, but I do believe in the transformative power in taking care of ourselves to better serve others and our work.

If you have started a million times and can't seem to find the right approach, I'm here to help. Smash the button below to set up a time and let's chat through what's worked and what hasn't. Let's work together to find your inner hero.