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If you're an actor or creative who has no idea where to start with fitness + nutrition, has never been able to sustain a routine with your busy lifestyle, loves pizza and cupcakes, and desires to learn how you can "have it all"

then you have come to the right place.

Fitness Ladies

I understand your struggles, so I have designed this program specifically for YOU.

The Actor's Fitness Kickstarter is going to teach you:

💪🏻 how to build a fitness routine that you ENJOY that works for your busy, unpredictable lifestyle

🍕 how to approach nutrition for fat loss & toning up without sacrificing ANY foods


🧠how to proactively overcome mental and physical obstacles that will inevitably come up along the way

⏰ AND how to manage & optimize your time so you truly can be a balanced and ✨thriving✨ working actor who has it all!

No more wasting time googling "workouts to do as a busy actor" or "how to lose weight without going on a diet." For 6 weeks, you'll be in a community of other like-minded artists and gain a wealth of knowledge and the support you need to help you build and KEEP a fitness routine that will get you moving confidently in the direction of your dreams of sustaining a career in the arts!

The first session of the Actor's Fitness Kickstarter is currently in session and not accepting new clients.

The next session will run September 11th-November 5th.

Join the waitlist below to get early access to enrollment!!


Join the waitlist!

Thanks for subscribing!



  • 6 weeks of flexible workouts (gym or no equipment options) with video examples of each and every exercise to help you perfect the foundations and form!

  • 6 live virtual trainings (1 per week) with implementable resources covering different topics such as building a workout program, nutrition for the busy actor, time management, overcoming mindset hurdles and more! 

  • Weekly check-ins to track your progress and make any adjustments as needed to ensure the program works for you, your lifestyle, and your needs.

  • 24-hour access to my all-in-one, user friendly mobile training app where you will have access to your workouts, exercise video library, goal tracking and more at the tap of a button.

  • Daily access to communication with me and the entire group through the app! You are never alone!

  • Grocery Shopping Guide & Macros + Calories Guide [1:1 exclusives!]



  • You'll receive tools and strategies that will help teach you how to build a sustainable, enjoyable wellness routine that works with your life and career, not against them. 

  • You'll learn mindset strategies that change the narrative of"good" and "bad" foods and start to view food for what it actually is: fuel for the body AND soul.

  • You'll be held accountable and supported every step of the way by myself and other members of the group! You will never be stuck trying to figure things out on your own!

  • You'll be able to finally own your worth and feel confident in your own skin, even in the face of rejection.

  • You'll see your new-found confidence show up in auditions, giving you the ability to own every room that you walk into.

  • You'll lose weight and build muscle without restricting any of the foods you love.

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