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creative badass

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Hey, I'm Brittani!

Your St. Louis-based actor, stuntwoman, and online fitness coach with a passion for storytelling and helping other actors push past their fitness plateaus and stay stage + screen ready. I take great pride in my work and consider myself on a personal mission to help people feel seen and heard through my art and coaching.

a little more about me:

  • I'm an enneagram 2w3 which means I'm a loving home in human form but will also tear your shit up in a game of Mario Party without remorse.

  • I'm a business owner. I believe actors are athletes. I created an online fitness coaching program called O'Connell Coaching to help other actors build confidence and sustain their careers in entertainment by taking care of their bodies and minds. Did you know you already have everything you need to be your badass self?

  • My dogs Bellamy and Ellie are the loves of my life (click here for a cute photo!) I now understand what being a crazy dog mom feels like, and I'm 110% okay with that. 

  • Teal is my favorite color - the color is now a part of my personal identity, being labeled by all my friends as "Brittani Blue"

  • storyteller, vocalist, stuntwoman, 1st-row mover, 2nd-row dancer, director, choreographer, lighting designer, props master, aspiring television superhero,

And overall Creative Badass

Welcome to my site. Let's create together.

Represented in St. Louis, MO by Talent Plus
Agent Contact: (314) 421-9400

Contact email:

Brittani is a working actor, stuntwoman, and online fitness coach based in St. Louis, Missouri.

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