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You know that dream life you lay in bed at night thinking about?
Wanna start seeing that life become your
reality in 2024?


Sick. I want that for you, too.💜

That's why I'm hosting a
FREE event to not only help you dream up the biggest dreams + visualize yourself living your best life, but to ALSO inspire you to take ACTION and do the damn things.

I'd like to invite you to....

My 1st Annual

✨Vision Board Party✨
Monday, January 15th @ 7pm EST!🥂


Here's how it'll work:

👉🏻This will be a virtual, 1 hour  Vision Board Party, hosted by yours truly, on Zoom, that’s totally FREE to join from anywhere!!

👉🏻Grab a seat at the party by registering at any of the buttons on this page!

👉🏻After you register, you'll get an email confimation, the link to the Zoom room, the recipe for one of my go-to simple cocktail/mocktails (and the ingredients for it to make it yourself, or bring your fav bevvy!), and a link to some vision board templates on Canva so you can create a digital vision board. You can also make a physical one too if that's more your jam!

👉🏻Tap on the Zoom room link in that email on Monday, January 15th @ 7pm EST (check your time zone, bby). We'll start with making drinks, a simple but powerful minset + visualization exercise, and get into building our boards together!😍

You're gonna leave with a clear idea of how you want your life to look and feel this year. 
I’m a HUGE manifestation girl, so this is totally my jam and honestly, I'm not sure why this party hasn’t happened sooner.


I attended my first vision board party last year and it completely changed how I approached the year drastically so I know FIRST HAND the power it holds! Having a clear vision is KEY to having success!

You don't wanna miss it!

Monday, January 15th at 7pm EST


Hey, I'm Brittani

AP3A7458 (1).jpg

I'm a working actress and stuntwoman with over 8 years of experience in the entertainment industry in one way or another. 

When the pandemic hit in 2020, I found myself grasping for straws because every opportunity I had to act, sing, or dance was ripped out from under me. It felt like a part of me was stolen from me, but with all my new found free time, it turned out that it was the perfect time to bring my passion for fitness into the limelight and get my personal training certification.


 O'Connell Coaching has had many different forms since its inception in 2020 but I think it's in my favorite of those forms currently.

Im genuinely obsessed with helping other creatives find and honor their best self through taking care of their body and mind.  I'm on a personal mission to help creatives step out of the "starving artist" mentality and into one of balance and peace while getting strong as fuck in the process.

I've busted my ass to make all of my passions my career, but I am more than just my career.

l'm a dog mom to a beautiful Australian Shepherd named Bellamy. My friends mean the world to me, I'm a recovering perfectionist, and I am obSESSED with breakfast food. I'm a believer in lifelong learning, and trust me, I still have a lot of learning to do. I am more excited about my career than I ever have been and I'm so glad you're here.

Let's keep in touch! Follow me on Instagram @thebrittanioconnell and DM me anytime!

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