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I know you.


You're up at 4 am to stand in line in the freezing cold at an open call that you may or may not be seen at.  


You're going to every audition you see no matter how burnt out you are because you're worried that if you don't, you might be missing out on your "big break." You're working multiple day jobs to make ends meet so you can have the flexibility to pursue your acting career. You find it hard to make time to eat, let alone for a social life. What's a social life?


And you've struggled with body confidence but have never been able to find a fitness and nutrition routine that even comes close to working for you.

I know you because I was you.

My coaching programs were born out of the desire to help other actors live a balanced, empowered, hustle-culture-free life as they pursue their passion. Actors are athletes, and I believe that prioritizing mental and physical wellness is the key to having a sustainable career in the arts.

If you struggle with this,  you're in the right place.

My dream is to help you live yours, so let's make it happen.

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This 4 month VIP 1:1 coaching program is perfect for the actor or creative with 3+ months of consistent fitness experience and looking to get in the gym, start lifting weights, and tone up. They desire to take their training to the next level and prefer the intimacy and accountability of working with a coach 1:1. Together we'll work through plateaus, set new goals, and develop the perfect customized strategy to achieving them!

If you're looking for a well-rounded performance-based training program that keeps you performance ready for any opportunity that comes your way, apply below!

Take it from some of my clients..




"The change in my body and mind is out of this world."

I’ve been training with Britt for a little over a year now (I just hit 250 workouts today!) and the change in my body and my mind is out of this world. I am so much stronger than I’ve ever been and the cross training she’s created for me has changed the way I dance in the BEST WAY. I feel so much more confident stepping up to lift heavy weights than ever before. She pushes me to grow and move past my physical fears and she’s a BADASS. Train. With. Her. 🔥


"Her [program] leaves me feeling equipped to take on every goal we set in place!"

There are many elements of working with O’Connell Coaching that appeal to me, but perhaps the most would be Brit herself. She is equal parts cheerleader / coach and mends the physical / mental jigsaw where knowledge becomes practice ( something so many are intimidated by ). Her programs are completely customizable and align with my busy lifestyle, they reflect our honest conversations about growth, and leave me feeling equipped to take on every goal we set in place! Sure on the clientele’s end it takes hard work and dedication, but she gives you the correct tools to get there. Communication is easy and results stretch beyond the physical - my mental game is always strengthened by this #girlboss !!!



Now, you've made it all this way and you STILL

haven't  pulled the trigger.


You believe you can't afford it.

Let's do some role-playing here.

If your phone broke today, like totally crapped out on you, would you go a couple of months until you got the cash in hand before you decided to fix it? Or would you figure out a way to obtain the money to get it fixed because it is imperative to just about
every aspect of your life to have one? 

My guess is you would dive into ways you could come up with the money now because your phone is
VALUABLE to you.

So why don't we view our health and wellness in the same light?
We literally cannot function at our highest capacity unless we choose to take care of ourselves. 

I kid you not, days before I hired a business coach my phone broke and I went IMMEDIATELY to get a replacement phone. I certainly did not have the cash on hand, but it was important to me to have an operating phone. The same was true of hiring my coach, but I figured out a way because I knew having a coach would change the way I operate.  Mentorship is an INVESTMENT that will change your life.

When you bet on yourself, you set the bar high. I want the highest bar in the world for you!


You fear it won't work

Fear of the unknown is a totally normal, common feeling. You are so not alone in it.

Here's the thing, though.

It's not something that will ever completely go away. You are always going to have these fears, but it's what you do with them that matters the most. Fear comes with the territory of taking risks and yes,
investing in yourself is a risk.

From my experience, fear is actually a preeeeeetty good indicator that it is something that would be worth exploring. The things we most fear in life tend to provide us with the most growth and understanding on the other side.

The only way this program won't work is if you do not put the work in, ghost me, and give up. I promise if you
show up and do the work for yourself, you will start to feel your fears melt away. 

Don't let fear stop you.
Fear it, and do it anyway.


You think you can do it yourself

But is that really true if you are on my site right now?

I know there are a shit ton of resources out there for free, that's how I got my start. But I also wasted SO much time over all the conflicting opinions that are out there in the fitness industry. None of the free resources out there are going to come close to what having a private coach can do for you.

You can do that random girl's IG workout. Hell, you could even do one of my random IG workouts. But those are going to be very general and not at all specific to you and your goals.


If you want to spend 6 months googling what workouts and vague strategies you should be doing just to ultimately give up due to decision fatigue rather than get a custom program designed for you in less than 48 hours and start seeing results in 4 months or less, then by allllll means, keep doing that. I won't stop you. But you're missing out, girl.

Inside my coaching programs, you're going to gain the tools and knowledge needed to make wellness decisions
that are right for YOU. You'll build habits (and arm muscles) that will be impactful in your life long after you train with me. 

What are you waiting for? We're just getting started. Let's get you the confidence of your dreams.


Frequently asked questions

Do I need to have a gym membership to be a client?

It is required to have a gym membership for 1:1 coaching. The program heavily revolves around strength training and conditioning through weight lifting, so having access to free weights and machinery is highly recommended. A gym membership is NOT required for the BELIEVE program - this program is specifically designed for beginners and to be able to be done anywhere :)

Can I get a full nutrition plan from you as well?

I offer custom macros and can recommend grocery items and some of my personal favorite recipes, but I do not provide full meal plans for my clients.

Can I train with you if I have no prior workout experience?

The VIP 1:1 program is specifically designed for advanced beginner to advanced gym clients.  BELIEVE is specifically designed for creatives who are at the beginning stages of weight loss and healing their relationship with food and their body. I am happy to work with individuals 1:1 with no prior experience and provide tools along the way, but please note that none of my program have any in-person, hands-on coaching with the exception of virtual coaching calls, so you would need to be someone who is truly ready and willing to learn and can do so more independently. I highly recommend beginners to go through BELIEVE before considering 1:1 coaching with me as it covers in depth mindset work that is needed to be successful 1:1.

Represented in St. Louis, MO by Talent Plus
Agent Contact: (314) 421-9400

Contact email:

Brittani is a working actor, stuntwoman, and online fitness coach based in St. Louis, Missouri.

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